Changing of the Floral Season: Spring Vases

April heralds the point in spring when leaves start to show signs of green and buds are blossoming. Nature has awoken all around us once again, so it’s only right to want to bring a little of this beauty indoors too. There’s nothing more guaranteed to raise your spirits than being greeted by a cheerful bouquet of flowers, artfully arranged in a decorative vase.

At first glance, you may think that there’s no particular skill to styling a vase, but as with most aspects of home decorating, there are actually plenty of different ways to show off our beautiful vases to their full potential, and help you create the perfect feature in any room in your home.

Before we fully dive into the subject of vases, you might think it a little off topic to discuss planting your own flowers, but really, it’s just so rewarding to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour tending to home-grown blooms from seeds and shoots into a stunning bunch you can show off inside. If you are a keen gardener, amateur or otherwise, consider taking advantage of the month to plant cosmos, poppies, and marigolds – all seeds that are good to sow in April – so that you have a store of fresh flowers to cut all through the summer months to come.

If you’re not green-fingered but still want to experience the joy of flower arranging, please support your local florist who’s sure to be able to offer a wide variety of nature’s finest to decorate your home.

Once you’ve decided on your flowers, it’s time to turn your thoughts to the vase. Whether you favour the rustic appeal of the traditional pitcher in ceramic or terracotta, or a more contemporary stoneware vase offering an unusual shape or pattern, there are so many options for you to explore.

Our collection of fern vases perfectly blends vintage and modern, taking farmhouse style churn and jug designs and introducing a bold pop of colour. You can choose to match the contents with the colour of your vase by going for green, pink, and white tones, or instead, try blue and natural finishes for an eye-catching contrast.

For those of you who prefer to keep things simple in your home with neutral palettes, we have just what you’re looking for among our new arrivals, with plenty of muted colours and elegant silhouettes to explore. We even have clear glass vases for the ultimate in sophistication, allowing the flowers to take centre stage.

When it comes to displaying your vase, table tops and windowsills immediately spring to mind, as do mantelpieces. While there’s nothing wrong with these places as a rule, sometimes going down a different route can help to refresh tired looking rooms. A lot of older houses have empty fireplaces that are now only used as decoration, and a well-placed large feature vase in this space is just the thing to help fill it – especially when paired with colourful flowers to catch the eye.

Modern homes tend to be more open plan in their layout, and so a vase can help to connect the “in-between” spaces and blend rooms together seamlessly. The larger the space, the bigger the vase and arrangement.