Champagne Glasses

Celebrate in style with our luxury champagne glasses. A glass of champagne should only ever be enjoyed from the finest glassware, which is why our glasses have been designed with style and glamour in mind.

    Luxury Champagne Glasses to Elevate Every Celebration

    When it's time to pop the cork on that bottle of bubbly, reach for our splendid Luxury Champagne Glasses. Showcasing style and substance in one package, these glasses elevate every celebration to new heights of sophistication.

    Expertly Crafted for True Grandeur 

    Order our Champagne Glasses Online that boast a graceful bowl tapering up to a slim rim—the optimal shape to showcase champagne’s effervescence and bouquet. Mouth-blown by master artisans, each Champagne Glass exhibits astonishing clarity and feels pleasingly substantial in hand. We only source luxury lead-free crystal to protect your health while allowing customisable proportions that enhance your wine’s flavours. From that very first sip, our champagne glasses promise unparalleled sparkling wine enjoyment.  

    Our Signature Touch for Allure 

    While museums display vintage champagne coupes, we believe the iconic champagne flute better preserves bubbles and taste. Thus, our Luxury Champagne Glasses fuse tasteful contemporary angular bowls with elegant pulled stems for modern allure. As a special decorative detail, an additional clear glass charm shaped like a marquise gem adorns the base of every glass.

    With their dazzling style, impressive craftsmanship, and our signature decorative accents, our Luxury Champagne Glasses promise to become your go-to glassware for life's special moments. Browse our homeware collection today to discover our range of french inspired products.