Chelsea Flower Show 2024 - Get Inspired for Gardening

How this year seems to have flown by! Already we’re more than halfway through May. This is a lovely time of year, as it offers all the fresh beauty of springtime, with the promise of summer close on the horizon. However, another excellent reason to get excited is the return of the nation’s beloved RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Now that the days are blessedly longer and sunnier, the green-fingered among us are gearing up to spending carefree weekends pottering about the garden and sprucing it up ready to welcome friends and family for alfresco entertaining. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get your trowel moving now, then fear not! To get into the spirit of things, we at Dibor would like to encourage you to get outdoors and make the most of your garden. Whether you have sprawling lawns for kids and pets to run free, carefully manicured flowerbeds or cosy decking to relax in style, we’re confident we can help you bring out your inner gardener.

As gorgeous as the elaborate floral displays and rivers of exotic blooms you’ll see as part of the famous Flower Show are, most of us are just not up to that level of stunning visuals. So, we’re sharing with you the best – and easiest – flowers to plant right now, whether you want to see the benefits of your green thumbs straight away, or delay your gratification until late summer.

Sunflowers – a popular favourite, and for good reason. Ideal for smaller gardens with no space for flowerbeds, a bold and bright sunflower or two will still create an eye-catching feature that conjures up sunny days and blue skies. The sunny yellow is sure to boost your mood, and is perfect to pair with one of our wellington boots plant pots, which are available in a rainbow of colours.

Zinnia – Perfect to bring a pop of colour, these beautiful flowers come in an array of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows to give your and your flowerbeds a serious uplift.  For something a little different, consider planting them in wall-mounted baskets and add a cheerful touch to a garden fence, shed or door.

Lavender – These delicate purple blooms smell gorgeous. Pick a few s prigs to use in cooking or sprinkle in your bath – or to border your garden, where they’re beloved by bees! Coincidentally, World Bee Day also takes place on the 20th of May, and it’s never a bad time to do your part in helping our insect friends. Show your support with one of our bee-themed planters – a fantastic garden decoration for the summertime.

Flowers are of course what come to mind straightaway when you think of the Chelsea Flower Show – it is in the name, after all. But some gardeners are a little more practical, and love to plant herbs, fruit and veg that they can make something out of. For beginners, growing your own produce is a bit daunting, but you can still definitely give it a go with these late-May contenders:

Sweetcorn – Sow your seeds now for payoff in summer and be the envy of your guests when you serve them delicious home-grown corn at your barbecue!

Strawberries – A beautiful plant that keeps on giving, uplift cocktails with an infusion of fresh strawbs, or use them to bake to your heart’s content.

Herbs – If you’re one for picking up the living herbs in the supermarket rather than just buying a packet, these can definitely be re-potted outside where they’ll thrive to the point where you won’t need to add them to your shopping list anymore.

No matter what you choose to grow, whether large or small, we have a planter to suit all your home-grown organic produce. In a range of sizes and simple, yet stylish colourways, our fibre clay plant pots will give everything space to grow as well as making an impressive statement for your garden.