Earth Day: Sustainable Living, Exploring Dibor’s efforts to make a difference

Each year on April 22nd, Earth Day serves as a call to action for everyone to come together and celebrate the planet we call home. Originally started over 50 years ago, this important cause has grown into a global community who are dedicated to protecting the environment, conserving natural resources, and educating future generations about the importance of sustainability.

Ever since we were founded, Dibor has always been passionate about these fundamental practices, but as our small family business has grown and developed over the years, we recognised how we have been able to do more to help as each new Earth Day came around. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to preserve the environment however they can, and that every action is important, no matter how big or small.

Some of our core values include the sourcing and designing of ethical products, collaborating with more responsible suppliers both near and far afield, to ensure as many of our products as possible are made with sustainable materials and waste-reducing, traditional production methods. Alongside our product sustainability, we do as much as we can to help reduce waste and promote recycling by taking steps to eliminate single-use packaging and avoid plastic wherever possible.

Last year also saw the launch of our new Good & Green collection, where each piece must meet at least one element of sustainable criteria. We were so excited to introduce this fantastic new way to shop with our customers, and we’d love to share a few of our favourite products in this collection to show you all the different ways that we’re making positive changes to our catalogue. Explore some new products as well as those best-loved by you over the years and discover how your purchase can help make a difference this Earth Day.

One of our best-selling pieces for many years, our Hanging Heart Bird Dish is made from recycled metal. Recycling metal for re-use is a cost-effective and positive process, as it requires less energy than the production of new metal from raw materials. It also helps to eliminate waste and harmful CO2 emissions, while the recycled product retains its original strength and properties.

A sustainable alternative to synthetic fibres, natural cotton supports a global, sustainable economy and is a versatile material with a multitude of uses. Able to grow in various climates and easy to harvest, cotton can be recycled making it a renewable resource that’s also biodegradable. Most of our kitchen and dining linen is made from 100% cotton, including our beautiful Helmsley Blush Floral Print Kitchen Apron.

Another example of where we try to incorporate natural fibres is our Cast Iron Boot Scraper and Boot Brush, which features coconut bristles. A traditionally produced material, coir is made by recycling the waste product of coconuts, so it is renewable in and of itself. Completely eco-friendly and sustainable, coir is durable and hard-wearing while retaining a natural look. The organic fibres are easy to dye and shape, making a wonderfully versatile material.

A fantastic decoration for your home and garden in the months to come, our Durban Conical Lantern is made from bamboo, which is a durable, natural material that grows faster than wood with a similar aesthetic appearance. Requiring little water to grow, bamboo absorbs more CO2 and produces more oxygen than trees, while its naturally antibacterial properties mean that it does not need fertiliser or pesticides, reducing harmful impact on the environment. A traditional industry, use of bamboo also promotes economic stability for the nations which produce bamboo forests.

As a business, we understand our responsibility to do as much as possible in the campaign to protect and preserve the planet. We’re always mindful of new ways in which we can expand and improve the measures we’re taking for our environment. As the consumer, we believe that you deserve to have the option to make more eco-friendly decisions that don’t sacrifice quality, whatever your purchase.