Father's Day 2024

Every dad has something that makes him special, but no two are the same, and they all deserve to be appreciated for the things they do for us. To show your dad how much he is appreciated, give him a gift that sums up his personality this Father’s Day and recalls just what it is that you love about him.

This time of year is just perfect for a barbecue, and we all know a dad who just can’t bear to hang up his apron, even for his special day. If your dad is a real King of the Grill, why not invite his mates and the family over for a good old garden party in the sunshine, and he can take charge and cook to his heart’s content. Don’t forget plenty of dad’s favourite beer, served perfectly chilled in a convenient ice bucket!

Some dads always insist they don’t want “a big fuss” made over him for Father’s Day, so sometimes a low-key celebration is the way to go. You can never go wrong with just giving dad the gift of some well-earned peace and quiet (this is especially more welcome from younger children!) and letting him put his feet up in front of the telly with his favourite tipple close to hand and some tasty treats for him to scoff through the day. Our luxury decanter and tumbler sets are a thoughtful gift that dad can treasure for years to come.

It’s always a good idea to get stuck into a hobby, and everyone knows that dads are always at their happiest when they can get away from the world for a bit and spend a little time on their pet projects. So, whether your dad has picked up something new or honed his skills on a familiar passion, he’s sure to appreciate something that will help him do more of what he loves. A handy tool bucket or a shed storage solution is great for keeping all of dad’s important bits and bobs organised, ready for whatever he wants to try his hand at next.

Our little and large welly boots planters are just the thing to get kids involved with gardening and spending quality time with dad or grandad. Growing plants and flowers together is a great way to bond, and it will feel so magical to watch them bloom over the coming months.

For busy dads who travel a lot for work, the perfect gift is something he can take with him wherever he goes and think of his family whenever he sees it. We have lots of beautiful watch boxes in compact sizes, showcasing opulent faux leather in rich, stylish colours. If your dad is more of a homebody but still prefers the finer things in life, our larger watch cases are sure to make an impressive feature to display his time pieces.

Of course, Father’s Day is an inclusive holiday that extends to whoever you want to celebrate and thank for the influence they’ve had on your life. From daddies to be and first-time dads, to stepfathers, grandads and even father-figures, they all play such important roles in our lives, the most important thing is to share the love and treasured memories you’ve made together over the years.