Gardening for Wellness

Mid-May is Mental Health Awareness Week, and with the sunny weather we have to enjoy, now is the perfect chance to indulge in some self-care by spending time in nature.

Whether after a hard day at work, whilst drinking your morning coffee or even having a summer barbeque, if you make your garden a pleasant space to be, one in which you feel content and happy, it will work wonders on your wellness.

Gardening is one of life’s simple pleasures. It comes with so many physical and mental health benefits, as well as the satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off. During the colder months, it’s very easy to let your garden acquire some stray weeds and unwanted mess, but that is easily fixable. No one wants to stand in the rain plucking weeds, winter is hard enough on us. But the longer and warmer days in summer make gardening a pleasant way to unwind and escape everything else that is going on for a little while, so de-stress and get your gardening aprons on.

Start small: all you’ll need are your hands and a few small tools to make the essential gardening tasks easier for you. Pruning and weeding are easy and therapeutic ways to begin your summer garden; it ensures that your existing plants are well maintained, freshened up and can focus on new growth. Add some personal touches by planting your favourite bright flowers so that whenever you’re sat in your garden, your mood is instantly lifted. Create a space for fruit and vegetable patches to increase the time that you’re spending outside whilst making healthier food choices by picking and growing your own, as this has been proven to increase mental wellbeing.

Essential items such as trug baskets, tools and versatile accessories can make your gardening experiences much more enjoyable and add comfort to your time spent gardening.

During the summer months our gardens are one of our most used spaces, so why not make them look nice? Colourful floral displays, inviting patios and lush lawns are all pleasing to the eye, and when you’ve put in the hard work it’s an accomplishment to see your garden flourishing and ultimately making you feel good.

Don’t forget to add a few plants that can withstand harsher weather and tough ground days as we can never trust that the sun will stay around!

Complete your garden with the perfect finishing touches to bring it all together. Display your beautiful arrangements in cheerful looking planters to allow your surroundings to always be bright and boost your serotonin levels. Treat yourself to some new garden furniture that compliments the aesthetic of your garden whilst creating a tranquil and serene space for you to enjoy your free time and ultimately relax. Spoil your wildlife guests to some new habitats and feeders and enjoy watching them from the comfort of your new and revived outdoor space.

Whatever way you choose to revamp your garden this summer, enjoy it! Spend time in your outdoor space picking flowers and fresh produce, making it look beautiful and planting what makes you happy. After all, a healthy outside creates a healthy inside.