How to Make Your Garden More Beautiful and Inviting

As we say “hello” to April and all the promises of joy which spring has to offer, I’m sure that lots of you are turning your thoughts towards preparing your garden so that you, your family, and friends can enjoy time outdoors. When planning to refresh your outdoor spaces, don’t forget that lots of local wildlife are coming out of hibernation and becoming more active as the days get longer and weather improves. All creatures great and small need safe places to come for food and shelter, and many of them are important members of the ecosystem whose numbers are dwindling – so we must all do what we can to help them thrive.

No matter the size or landscape of your garden, we have lots of accessories designed to encourage local visitors while injecting a touch of style. So, whether you have a sprawling lawn, cosy patio or even just an apartment balcony, read on to discover how you can create a beautiful and inviting space that you and your wildlife friends can enjoy together.

When you think of gardens in springtime, it’s hard not to picture a beautiful spot of nature where birds flock together. Not only do they act as a natural pest control and pollinator, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting outdoors and watching the birds fly and play, trying to spot as many different kinds as you can. To encourage lots of local species to visit your garden, it’s a good idea to tempt them over with their favourite foods.

Our free standing bird dishes create an attractive focal point on your lawn or rockery, with a traditional design that’s full of vintage character. The shallow bird bowl is perfect to lay out a buffet of fruit, nuts and seeds, or even left to collect rainwater as a bird bath, making a lovely social spot for your feathered friends to get together.

If you have a smaller garden, our hanging bird feeders achieve the same thing with the convenience of an eye-catching display when hung from a tree branch or bracket, helping to conserve floor space for plants or garden furniture.

Once you’ve established a collection of regular birds visiting you each day, why not consider adding a bird house to give them a cosy space to rest, away from pesky predators? For those of you who appreciate a pop of colour, our painted wooden birdhouses are sure to brighten up your garden and be the envy of all your neighbours. We also offer more traditional designs in muted colours to blend in with the natural atmosphere. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your needs, depending on how many birds flock to you.

It's not just the birds who need a shelter either. Many people forget to consider insects, or else dismiss them as pests, but lots of bugs actually serve lots of beneficial purposes, like helping to maintain healthy soil, pollinating plants and even controlling other invasive species. In the modern age, insect populations are simply plummeting, so it’s vital to encourage these important little creatures. Our hanging insect house and larger bug hotel both showcase lots of different habitats especially to attract bees and other beasties, mimicking their natural shelter whilst offering much-needed protection.

Just like the birds, insects also need extra encouragement, and for them, plenty of plant life is just the thing. Whether you’re a green-fingered gardener with lots of experience or a brand-new plant parent, be sure to decorate your outdoor space with greenery, flowers and herbs that these pollinators will love. Our colourful welly boot planters look absolutely fantastic when paired with our bright birdhouses, whilst urn plant pots offer an antique inspired charm to your flowerbeds. To maximise your appeal, consider grouping plant pot sets together to display different flowers for bees.