The February Edit 2024

Farewell February

The shortest month of the year (even with an extra day this time!) is almost over, and the fewer dates on the calendar might explain why the weeks seem to have flown by so fast – it hardly feels like 2024 has begun and yet we’ve managed to pack the time with plenty of things to look back on with a smile.

Ceramic Plant pot

February always seems to have an “in-between” sort of feeling to it – not quite winter proper, and not quite springtime either. When it begins, the nights are still long and dark and the weather is bitter, wet and harsh, leading people to shut out the world outside and seek solace in comfort indoors. We definitely noticed this, as our Set of 2 Hanging Copper Teardrop Candle Holders are our best-selling product this month. It’s a fantastic home accessory, perfectly suited to this time of year and brighten up a living room with a cosy glow. A lovely welcome after a long day, the warm copper tones shine against grey skies and the gentle candle light will soothe you into relaxation no matter what’s going on outside your closed curtains.

As we moved through the weeks, the end of February is always more hopeful. By this time, each day seems to stay lighter a little longer, and the early signs of spring are beginning to awaken. We know you felt it too, especially those of you made our Colourful Blooms Floral Wreath so popular this month. A riot of colour, this everlasting wreath is a beautiful way to bring on the beauty of the season before the real flowers blossom. In fact, we’d say the first spring bouquets of the year could be found in those homes where our eye-catching wreath dressed the front door.

Mid-February was an unusually busy time, with Pancake Day quickly followed by Valentine’s Day. We found plenty of reasons to celebrate too, as our beloved Bella Perle Glass Tableware Range simply flew from our home to yours, ready to decorate your tables. A time for treating yourself, we hope your family indulged in plenty of pancakes as you served them a real feast on our beautiful glass crockery.

The love kept on flowing like wine just in time for the most romantic day of the year, and we know it too, as you selected our Kensington Decanter as the most popular home bar gift in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. We agree that there’s nothing better than a tipple or two, and it’s a fabulous present to toast a happy couple, whether old or new.

Hedgehog Habitats

We’re so happy that our blog posts inspired you, too. A lot of us want to keep on hibernating until the clocks go forward, but there’s something truly magical about getting out into the garden and preparing for spring growth. Taking our advice about using this time to revitalise your outdoor spaces and get your green fingers active again, our Welly Boot Ceramic Planters have been a great favourite among you budding gardeners, simply brimming with character to cheer up a dull doorstep with a pop of colour.