Vintage Inspired Coloured Glassware

A collection of our beautiful vintage inspired glassware, from Parisian Purple Wine Goblets to Bella Perle Pink Tumblers.

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    Vintage Drinking Glasses For Any Occasion

    Coloured glassware has a unique charm that can enhance any table setting, whether formal or casual. Coloured glass tumblers are especially versatile, as they combine the simplicity of a basic water glass with the flair of a colourful design. Some coloured tumblers have a dimpled texture, created by a gentle hammering technique during the glass-making process. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the glass.

    One example of such a tumbler is our Bella Perle Green Tumbler. This glass has an earthy green hue, this creates a retro look that is accentuated by the dimpled surface. This glass is suitable for any season, from cosy winter nights to sunny summer days.

    Be inspired by our collection of Colourful Wine Goblets and Tumblers. Mix and match your favourite colours from Parisian Amber to Aurielle Blue to create one of a kind tablescape with Dibor's Colour glassware.