What is Green Weekend?

Green weekend is about being encouraged to reflect on your shopping habits and make better, more sustainable decisions, all whilst supporting small businesses. We recognise our responsibility to our world. Working with our partners in the UK, Europe and further afield to passionately design and create sustainable pieces to play a part in your world.

Who is WWF?

  • WWF works to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon.
  • Helps to transform markets and policies toward sustainability.
  • Protects and restores species and their habitats.

Much like WWF, we are always mindful of new ways in which we can expand and improve the measures we’re taking for our environment.

How can you help?

When you purchase a 25% off sustainable product this weekend, 5% of that sale will be donated to WWF; a charity hugely advocated by Sir David Attenborough. Feel good about buying sustainably this weekend.

Credited by WWF; www.worldwildlife.org

Green Weekend

Green Weekend is only running until 12pm Monday.









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